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Re: [Rdo-list] [openstack-m] Tuskar - Resource Classes and Racks (Wireframes + Concept Discussion)

Link for streaming: http://youtu.be/m3y6uD8yKVQ

-- Jarda

On 2013/30/09 13:51, Jaromir Coufal wrote:
The following meeting has been modified:

Subject: Tuskar - Resource Classes and Racks (Wireframes + Concept Discussion) 
Organizer: "Jaromir Coufal" <jcoufal redhat com> 

Location: Hangout 
Time: Monday, September 30, 2013, 4:30:00 PM - 5:30:00 PM GMT +01:00 Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague
Required: hbrock redhat com; athomas redhat com; kbasil redhat com; morazi redhat com; ccrouch redhat com; pmyers redhat com 
Optional: markmc redhat com; openstack-m redhat com; rdo-list redhat com; rh-openstack-dev redhat com 


Hi everyone, 

based on our merger with TripleO and upstream feedback on Tuskar, when I was thinking about processes and workflows there, I got into some changes which I think that are important for us, because they will help us to achieve better flexibility (upstream needs) and still having ability for easy scaling (customer needs). 

I wanted to do just walkthrough the wireframes but I think that it will raise up some discussion around Classes and Racks, so my thought was to merge both together (wireframes + concepts discussion). 

At this meeting I'd like to get you familiar with my thoughts and get into some wireframes which will explain the ideas more. I hope that we will get into discussion around changes (not just UI but API as well). 

The scope which we will be talking about is MVP (not Hong Kong demo). 

I'd like to record the whole session, so if anybody cannot attend, I hope it will be available for you later.

(Please note that Google Hangout has limited number of 10 participants, so if you consider just watching, please use youtube stream - link will be posted when available.)

-- Jarda 

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