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Re: [Rdo-list] Automatic resizing of root partitions in RDO Icehouse

Oh, no problem here either if I use the tdl only, using both a kickstart (-a) and a tdl is where the problem began, every step was slow, partitioning, package install, post-install scripts..., and so on until the error showed up.

I'm pretty sure it was an error on my part, more likely in the kickstart.

In the end, for the fedora images I settled using appliance-creator and got an image able to autogrow using one of the fedora 20 cloud kickstarts as base (kickstarts from here: https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/cloud-kickstarts.git/tree/generic)

I really appreciate all your help! 

I'll be documenting later in the RDO wiki for future reference

On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 12:54 AM, Kashyap Chamarthy <kchamart redhat com> wrote:
> Hey, thanks! this method indeed worked nicely with CentOS 6.5 image in RDO
> Icehouse! :D
> I didn't do the puppet part since I've no puppet server to test but it
> wasn't needed, also I used virt-sparcify instead of step 13 qemu-image
> convert
> I also tried the oz-install method but it failed everytime with the
> following exception:
> "raise oz.OzException.OzException("No disk activity in %d seconds, failing.
>  %s" % (inactivity_timeout, screenshot_text))"
> No matter the install type (url or iso) and didn't matter creating this in
> different machines with different specs (more ram, cpu, fast disks...)

I just did a simple test to create a guest via Oz on Fedora 20 and it
just works. Here's my invocation details:

TDL file:

  $ cat f20.tdl
      <install type='url'>
    <description>Fedora 20</description>

Invoke `oz-install`:

    $ oz-install -d 4 f20.tdl 2>&1 | tee f20.log

Once the install is done, define the libvirt XML for the guest and start

    $ virsh define f20-jeos
    $ virsh start f20-jeos --console

> Anyhow, thank you all for the help and tips! very appreciated ;)
> Any chance to include this method in RDO docs?

"It's a wiki, be bold" :-). You can trivially make docs once you
login with your OpenID or other mechanisms listed on RDO wiki.


Elías David.

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