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Re: [Rdo-list] Launching a Nova instance results in "NovaException: Unexpected vif_type=binding_failed"

To those reading the thread, this is the Nova commit[1] that introduced
this change:

  commit 2390857d7ae625dcd18a72b2980f2d862b776623
  Author: Dan Smith <dansmith redhat com>
  Date:   Wed Feb 19 12:02:45 2014 -0800
      Make libvirt wait for neutron to confirm plugging before boot
      This makes the libvirt driver use the instance event mechanism to
      wait for neutron to confirm that VIF plugging is complete before
      actually starting the VM.
      Here we introduce a new configuration option of vif_plugging_is_fatal
      which allows us to control whether a failure to hear back from
      neutron is something that should kill the current operation. In
      cases where consoles are not provided for the guest, failing is
      the only reasonable action, but if consoles *are* provided, it may
      be advantageous to still allow the guest to boot and be accessed
      out of band.
      In order to properly reflect the neutron failure in the instance's
      fault property, this also extends manager to catch and re-raise
      the VirtualInterfaceCreateException during spawn(). Also, since
      the oslo.messaging merge, we weren't declaring expected exceptions
      for run_instance() which this also fixes.
      DocImpact: This requires a neutron that is aware of these events
                 when using nova with neutron, or a configuration that
                 causes nova not to expect/wait for these events.
      Related to blueprint admin-event-callback-api

  [1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/74832/26


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