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Re: [Rdo-list] What is a correct RDO repository to setup AIO Havana on F20 ? (3)

> Sorry, I don't follow the above "how to manage", please rephrase. If you
> want access to packages I outlined the repos below.

Breaking Havana Support on F20, during F20 life cycle, presumes 100% percent
safe upgrade of any kind  Multi Node Havana Neutron OVS&GRE(VLAN) system
to similar system driven already by IceHouse (2014.1).

However, my attempt to apply

to  AIO Havana Host on CentOS 6.5 gave extremely unexpected results:-
1. Nova was upgraded OK.
2. But, no one of Neutron packages has been upgraded
Finally, I got broken system details here :-


    That's the reason , why I want acceptable Havana repos for F20
(or even for CentOS 6.5) to test again simple AIO Havana upgrade to
IceHouse on F20  (or even on CentOS 6.5 ) , before crashing the real system.
    Making snapshots and rolling system back is a good suggestion , but not resolving
my problem.

Thank you.

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