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[Rdo-list] RDO Foreman Installation error nova controller


I'd like to install an openstack on a multinode using pre-existing work on puppetclass. Si I decided to use RDO like documented here, for icehouse :

So i have :
1/ actived some repository  : rdo, epel, Centos SCL.
2/ Installed on the foreman node  openstack-foreman-node and dhcpd
3/ Follow the documentation to add the host to the group  openstack nova controlleur neutron.
4/ Launch puppet agent -tv on the  designated host

And i have some errors about a puppet class for ceilometer :

Error: Could not apply complete catalog: Found 1 dependency cycle:
(Ceilometer_config[database/connection] => Class[Ceilometer::Db] => Class[Ceilometer::Api] => Package[ceilometer-api] => Ceilometer_config[database/connection])
Try the '--graph' option and opening the resulting '.dot' file in OmniGraffle or GraphViz

I  have looking in foreman smart parameters about something to configure but without success ....

Can ou hep me please ?

Thank you in advance.



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