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[Rdo-list] Simplest Icehouse Implementation Architecture

I'm working toward implementation of a small RDO cloud which should be quite minimal. We will be running < 25 VMs with very low utilization, which will not change very often and which will basically just run to be available.

I have two hosts with plenty of RAM and disk, and can get others as required.

The initial expectation as communicated to me was to just use two hosts that we already have. I'm not sure if that's a realistic architecture, but it seems from my reading that I might want at least a separate control box if not also have the network box be separate if not on the same as the control host.

So, are either of the following architectures sufficient for a development environment?

Option 1.

- Two hosts to handle the entire cloud

Option 2.

- Two compute hosts
- One control host

Thanks as always for your input.


Eric Berg
Sr. Software Engineer
Rubenstein Technology Group

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