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Re: [Rdo-list] Heat in RDO Juno M3

On 04/10/14 18:20, Arif Ali wrote:
Hi all,

I have been trying a few things in heat on Juno over the last few days, and
thanks to larsks on IRC, I managed to get really far. I have encountered 2

1) The package heat-cfntools is no longer available in either of the rdo
repository or epel for el7, It was available for el6. How best can we get
hold of this package for CentOS 7. Or in-fact do we do the cfn-signal in a
different way, and we no longer need to use this command?

2) I have been trying to to give unique names/numbers to hosts that are
created through the "OS::Heat::ResourceGroup" resource, this supposedly has
a feature where we can use %index% to add unique numbers to any of the
variables. But this fails to work with the following error.

Error parsing template file:///root/hpc.yaml while scanning for the next
found character that cannot start any token
   in "<unicode string>", line 207, column 23

I have pasted the contents of hpc.yaml that gives the error here ->
http://fpaste.org/139239/, this is an amended template from that larsks
pointed me to.

Basically, for what are no doubt boring technical reasons, that's not valid YAML. The problem, as the error message says, is the initial %. Enclose it in quotes and it will do what you want:

          index_name: "%index%"


Any insight on any of the above would be great

Arif Ali

IRC: arif-ali at freenode
LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/arifali

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