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[Rdo-list] Post-Deploy extra configuration

Hi all,

I need to perform some post-deploy extra configurations on my overcloud servers but only on the compute nodes.

I've benn using OS::TripleO::NodeExtraConfigPost . I can get it to perform additional configurations on all nodes. The problem is the configurations I need to implement are only for the compute nodes.

According to the documentation on https://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/openstack-m/rdo-manager-docs/liberty/advanced_deployment/extra_config.html
The OS::TripleO::NodeExtraConfigPost applies configuration to all nodes, there is currently no per-role NodeExtraConfigPost interface.

I've trying to tweak with the templates in order it get it to work, but without success, either it performs changes on all nodes or it doesn't perform any change at all.

Does any of you know a way to get NOdeExtraConfigPost to work only with compute servers, or have any hints or suggestions on how I can achieve this?

Thank you very much!


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