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Re: [Rdo-list] Autoscaling stack croaks warning messages about trustee

Hi Steve, John

I can hardly reply your messages each now
because I am having a mail system trouble,
so I reply them at once in this message.
Thanks for useful infomation.

Steve wrote:
>> (A) My heat.conf has some definitions in below
>>     which aren't used in the DEFAULT section of 
>>     the draft web page.
>>     deferred_auth_method = trusts
>>     trusts_delegated_roles = heat_stack_owner
>Yes these entries are no longer required:
> - deferred_auth_method = trusts is the default (since kilo)
> - heat_stack_owner is no longer required because by default we delegate
>   all roles, since Launchpad bug #1376562 was fixed.

I understood it.

>> My questions is
>> Can I configure the heat-engine service not to croak
>> the warning message about trustee?
>Yes, you need to configure the "trustee" section in heat.conf, which means
>heat will no longer use the keystone_authtoken to initialize the auth
>plugin associated with deferred authentication via trusts.
>Unfortunately, this isn't currently documented or exposed in our sample
>config.  I'm working on a patch to fix that which I hope to post soon, you
>can follow progress here:

Thanks. I'll keep checking it.

John wrote:
>I found from one of my coworkers that the v2.0 API supports trusts,
>but only from the external API endpoint, not the internal. If the VM has
>a route to the external API, you can use v2.0, but otherwise need v3.
>So, I did miss something.

I am planning to make a VM access to OpenStack services
for HA purpose. I would ask other questions on this issue later.

Takenaka Kazuhiro < takenaka_kazuhiro_p7 lab ntt co jp >

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