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Re: [Rdo-list] openstack-puppet-modules branches

On 12/15/2015 11:49 AM, Javier Pena wrote:

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Hi all (but specifically Puppet folks in CC :)

we need to rebase openstack-puppet-modules[1] (short OPM) to Mitaka
while leaving Liberty on the stable branch asap.
OPM is a special case in Delorean, it is built from master-patches,
not master like other projects, because there are always some patches
required by packstack or rdom which are not or cannot be merged in
upstream openstack-puppet.
For Delorean Liberty rdoinfo was not forked, instead Delorean was
modified to try distro and source branch specified in projects.ini[2]
then fallback to default rpm-master and master respectively. This
works nicely for most of the projects but fallback is not active when
branch is specified explicitly in rdoinfo, like it is for OPM
Alternative solutions are:
1. fork rdoinfo for Liberty
2. modify Delorean to support this special case
3. modify OPM repo to match working schema for other projects

I'm +1 for option 3, as well. I know there were historical reasons for the current naming scheme, but I cannot think of any good reason right now. Martin, can you shed some light?

The reason was to have branch names compatible with rdopkg naming schema. This currently can be overriden, so we don't need to stick with it.


AD 1. I'm -2, fork for just one special case is unjustified and
keeping everything else in sync would be wasteful.
AD 2. After quick poking at it, clear -2 from me.
AD 3. Rename branches in OPM repo like this:

I agree, that branch renaming seems most reasonable option.

current master -> upstream-master (verbatim copies of upstream
modules' master branches)
master-patches -> master (non-upstream patches rebased on top of
current stable/liberty -> upstream-liberty (verbatim copies of
upstream modules' stable/liberty branches)
liberty-patches -> stable/liberty  (non-upstream patches rebased on
top of upstream-liberty)

Sounds ok to me. But actually Lukas, Gael or Emilien is the ones who should have a final call about this :).

This would work immediately with current Delorean tooling, only
required change is to remove source-branch in rdoinfo for OPM,
and I hope OPM tooling could be modified easily to handle this change?

We would have to just modify packaging guidelines. Gael can you take over this? I remember that you were tuning the draft I created.


[1] https://github.com/redhat-openstack/openstack-puppet-modules

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