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[Rdo-list] Integration of MidoNet into RDO Manager

Dear all,

We, the MidoNet Community [0], would like to integrate MidoNet into
RDO Manager. Our resources are limited, so this won't happen over
night - but we have to begin somewhere. Let's start with a few basics
and questions.

In case you haven't heard yet: MidoNet is a network virtualization
software that plugs into OpenStack Neutron. While OpenStack is
currently our main focus, it's not our only use case - but obviously
the one we'll focus on here. Our packages are currently hosted in our
very own repository [1].

Are packages hosted on the developer's repositories acceptable for
integration into RDO Manager? We need to unbundle a couple of things
(or maybe more than just a couple) before we can package them for
inclusion into the proper repository.

Speaking of repositories, once we're ready to package them properly
for inclusion, which repository would be the (most?) proper one for
RDO Manager? RDO? CentOS (wherever Cloud SIG packages go)? EPEL?

So, are there any guidelines or such on how to get the integration
process started? What (first) steps are necessary? What do we need to
prepare? ...

MidoNet Community Manager

[0] https://www.midonet.org/
[1] http://repo.midonet.org/

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