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Re: [Rdo-list] Integration of MidoNet into RDO Manager

On 07/28/2015 01:49 AM, Sandro Mathys wrote:
Dear all,

We, the MidoNet Community [0], would like to integrate MidoNet into
RDO Manager. Our resources are limited, so this won't happen over
night - but we have to begin somewhere. Let's start with a few basics
and questions.

In case you haven't heard yet: MidoNet is a network virtualization
software that plugs into OpenStack Neutron. While OpenStack is
currently our main focus, it's not our only use case - but obviously
the one we'll focus on here. Our packages are currently hosted in our
very own repository [1].
Looks like an APT repo;  I see no SRPMS in


I don't see sources for the .debs either. You probably want to get those published; just linking to the git repo is not sufficient as people need to be able to rebuild the binary packages.

Are packages hosted on the developer's repositories acceptable for
integration into RDO Manager? We need to unbundle a couple of things
(or maybe more than just a couple) before we can package them for
inclusion into the proper repository.
Typically, using a COPR is just a transition step to getting packages into Fedora; RDO very much follows the Fedora model.

The individual packages themselves must be submitted, reviewed, and maintained. RDO manager is the last step of the process, and will only work with RDOmanaged packages.

Speaking of repositories, once we're ready to package them properly
for inclusion, which repository would be the (most?) proper one for
RDO Manager? RDO? CentOS (wherever Cloud SIG packages go)? EPEL?
Its usually easiest to start with Fedora for all packaging. Once they are accepted into Fedora, figuring out how to get them into the appropriate other locations will follow.

Thus far, RDO manager has been focused on upstream OpenStack and the necessary pieces from the base OS that need to be updated to support it. While it should be possible to have an add-on like MidoNet, I don't know how the rest of the community would feel about it being required to be part of RDO. My thought is that, so long as it A) is under a sufficient license and B) provides real value beyond what is available from Neutron, it should be possible to include, so long as including it does not impact people currently developing and deploying RDO.

Is there any move to get MidoNet into upstream OpenStack?

So, are there any guidelines or such on how to get the integration
process started? What (first) steps are necessary? What do we need to
prepare? ...

MidoNet Community Manager

[0] https://www.midonet.org/
[1] http://repo.midonet.org/

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