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[Rdo-list] [Rdo-newsletter] March 2015 RDO Community Newsletter

Thanks, as always, for being part of the RDO community!

Quick links:

* Quick Start - http://rdoproject.org/quickstart
* Mailing Lists - http://rdoproject.org/Mailing_lists
* RDO packages - https://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/openstack/openstack-juno/
* RDO blog - http://rdoproject.org/blog
* Q&A - http://ask.openstack.org/

OpenStack Liberty Summit

Last month, I mentioned that the vote was ongoing for the name of the
'L' release of OpenStack. In case you missed it, the winner, by a tiny
margin over Lizard, was Liberty. OpenStack Kilo will be released on
April 30th, and on May 18th we'll meet in Vancouver, Canada, to begin
the work towards OpenStack Liberty.


If you've contributed any patches towards the Kilo release, you should
by now have received your tickets to the Liberty summit. You can find
out more about the event, and register, at

The CFP - Call For Papers - closed a few weeks ago, and the schedule
of presentations is being selected right now. Watch the various
OpenStack mailing lists for details as they become available.

The nominations for the OpenStack SuperUser awards are now open, too.
If there's some organization that you think deserves to be recognized
for the way that they're using OpenStack to make their industry, or
the world, better, you have until March 17th to nominate them for this

As always, RDO will be at OpenStack Summit in force. Come by early in
the show to be sure to get one of our great new RDO tshirts, and the
updated OpenStack command line cheatsheet bookmarks. We'll be at the
Red Hat booth.

We're hoping to see you there!


The RDO community packaging effort is gaining momentum, with more
community members stepping up to participate. If you're interested in
helping with the packaging effort, plan to come to the packaging
meeting on the #RDO IRC channel, on Freenode, Wednesday at 15:00 UTC.
Details at

Hangouts and Meetups

Each week there are dozens of OpenStack hangouts around the planet.
You can see a list of these each Monday morning at

If you're attending any of these events, please take a few photos, and
take a moment afterwards to write up what happened at the meetup - who
spoke, and what they talked about - and drop a note to rdo-list, or
directly to me.

In February, we had one Google Hangout, in which Eoghan Glynn talked
about the Gnocci project - an effort to rework the way that Ceilometer
stores data, for greater efficiency - both storage and speed. You can
watch this presentation on YouTube at

And stay tuned for upcoming Hangouts. As the Kilo cycle draws to a
close, we'll have more projects reporting on their progress in this
version, and what you can expect to find when it releases.

Keep in touch

There's lots of ways to stay in in touch with what's going in in the
RDO community. The best ways are ...

  * Follow us on Twitter - http://twitter.com/rdocommunity
  * Google+ - http://tm3.org/rdogplus
  * Facebook - http://facebook.com/rdocommunity
* rdo-list mailing list - http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/rdo-list * This newsletter - http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/rdo-newsletter
  * RDO Q&A - http://ask.openstack.org/
  * IRC - #rdo on Freenode.irc.net

Finally, remember that the OpenStack User Survey is always open, so
every time you deploy a new OpenStack cloud, go update your records at
https://www.openstack.org/user-survey/ so that, when Vancouver rolls
around, we have a clearer picture of the OpenStack usage out in the

Thanks again for being part of the RDO community!

Rich Bowen - rbowen redhat com
OpenStack Community Liaison

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