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Re: [Rdo-list] [PATCH] openstack-nova juno el6

On Mon, Mar 09, 2015 at 06:28:08PM +0100, Thomas Oulevey wrote:
> Hi All,

Hi Thomas,

> I finally had time to publish my changes.

Thanks for the submission, just a meta comment below.

I was wondering, it'd be easier for the package reviewers if you submit
a patch series for easier/simpler review?

Example workflow

Create your branch:

    $ git checkout -t origin -b thomas_el6_juno

[Hack and keep committing your changes along the way, accumulating git

Submit your accumulated commits w/ `git-send-email`:

    $ git send-email --cover-letter --no-chain-reply-to \
        --to=rdo-list redhat com

    (You can also add "--annotate" to the above CLI if you want to
    review and edit each patch before it's sent.)

    NOTE: First, you might want to send it to yourself, to see if it
    arrives correctly. :-)

This way, you'll have a series of changes that can be individually reviewed and

This is just a suggestion, if the RDO EL package maintainers prefer a single
patch for this kind of changes, then feel free to disregard me. 


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