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Re: [Rdo-list] trouble using rdopkg with gerrithub

2015-03-25 23:22 GMT+01:00 Steve Linabery <slinaber redhat com>:
> My local username is not the same as my gerrithub user. I confirmed that 'ssh -p 29418  eggmaster review gerrithub io' succeeds, so I believe my ssh keys are set up correctly.

That's what you get for using funny nicknames ;) But this can be fixed
by adding entry to ~/.ssh/config e.g.
Host review.gerrithub.io
    User apevec

> However, when I do `rdopkg update`, it prompts for
> Username for 'https://review.gerrithub.io': eggmaster
> Password for 'https://eggmaster review gerrithub io': XXXXXX

As Haikel suggested, you need to set http passwrod in gerrit,
or, as I did, set RDO_UPDATE_REPO in ~/.rdopkg/conf.d/rdoupdate-repo.py:

Questions for Jakub, why is there both cfg['RDO_UPDATE_REPO'] and
And why is https default?


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