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[Rdo-list] Juno vs Kilo in Fedora 22

Hi all,

until this point we have been able to maintain 1:1 mapping from Fedora
to OpenStack releases [1]
which has some advantages for package maintainers in RDO, rdopkg info
output is nicely symmetrical and predictable:
$ rdopkg info
RDO releases & repos:
  kilo   (Fedora 23/rawhide)
    fedora-22 built in koji/master from master branch
    fedora-21: symlink to fedora-22 repo (don't submit fedora-21 updates)
    epel-7 built in cbs/cloud7-el7 from master branch
  juno   (Fedora 22)
    fedora-21 built in koji/f22 from f22 branch
    fedora-20: symlink to fedora-21 repo (don't submit fedora-20 updates)
    epel-7 built in copr/jruzicka/rdo-juno-epel-7 from f22 branch
  icehouse   (Fedora 21)
    fedora-20 built in koji/f21 from f21 branch
    epel-6 built in copr/jruzicka/rdo-icehouse-epel-6 from f21 branch
    epel-7 built in copr/jruzicka/rdo-icehosue-epel-7 from f21 branch

But OpenStack releases are coming up quickly, upstream stable/juno
will be already in support phase II by the time Fedora 22 is
We have a window of opportunity to push Kilo to Fedora 22 before it
freezes for Beta end of the month[3]
Advantage would be that we'll get fresh OpenStack release in Fedora 22
at the cost of skipping one OpenStack release in Fedora and dropping
RDO Juno for Fedora 21.
I'd like to hear from users if that's acceptable. Assumption here is
that Fedora users are mainly developers who are already following Kilo
development while stable production is on EL platforms.
We would keep RDO Juno for EL7 (and EL6 which is in the works) by
moving current f22 dist-git branches to github/openstack-packages
rpm-juno branches and eventually to CentOS CloudSIG dist-git when
that's ready.
Kilo3 import would be then finished on Fedora master and merged to f22
early next week.

Please provide feedback quickly if this plan is acceptable, we need to
execute it before March 31st.


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OpenStack#OpenStack
[2] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StableBranch#Support_phases
[3] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/22/Schedule

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