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[Rdo-list] Split openstack-glance into openstack-glance-{aip, registry}

Hi Folks,

It was brought to my attention that Glance is still being shipped as
a single package, despite it being possible to have the services
within it running in separate servers. That is, Glance could,
architecture wise, be split.

Historically, this was not done because the requirements for
glance-api and glance-registry had always been the same. Both services
were required and the config files never differed.

However, after making glance-registry an optional service and the
introduction of glance-store, it might make sense to have both
packages split now.

The reason is that whenever I'd like to install glance-registry, I do
not need glance-store and other runtime dependencies it pulls in. In
addition, it'd allow us to have a clearer distribution of
configuration files distro-wise. Last but not least, it'd help on
keeping a clear understanding on what's running where.

Code wise, the packages would be the same. The main difference between
them would be the services/commands registered/installed.

Thoughts? Does this sound feasible/good to the folks in this list?

Flavio Percoco

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