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[Rdo-list] OpenStack HA with multiple endpoints





We currently have two OpenStack management nodes (mgmt1 & mgmt2) with keystone, nova, glance etc. the access is through a VIP and a HAProxy balanced by round robin. When I use the nova CLI for example “nova --debug list”, I can see that the initial keystone request is spread around the different mgmt nodes. But the answer from nova is always from the first node mgmt1. I’m assuming it just takes the first nova-compute endpoint in the list. Is there a work around? Should the nova-compute endpoint also be the VIP?


Here the current endpoint configuration:

| xxx |  xxx   |       http://mgmt2:5000/v2.0       |       http://mgmt2:5000/v2.0       |       http://mgmt2:35357/v2.0      |

| xxx |  xxx   | http://mgmt1:8774/v2/%(tenant_id)s | http://mgmt1:8774/v2/%(tenant_id)s | http://mgmt1:8774/v2/%(tenant_id)s |

| xxx |  xxx   |          http://glance1:9292          |          http://glance1:9292    |          http://glance1:9292       |

| xxx |  xxx   | http://mgmt2:8774/v2/%(tenant_id)s | http://mgmt2:8774/v2/%(tenant_id)s | http://mgmt2:8774/v2/%(tenant_id)s |

| xxx |  xxx   |       http://mgmt1:5000/v2.0       |       http://mgmt1:5000/v2.0       |       http://mgmt1:35357/v2.0      |

| xxx |  xxx   |          http://mgmt1:9696         |          http://mgmt1:9696         |          http://mgmt1:9696         |


Thank you in advance!









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