[Rdo-list] [OpenStack-docs] [install-guide] Status of RDO

Alan Pevec apevec at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 08:53:22 UTC 2015

> /usr/share/$service directories impacts the following portions in the
> installation guide:
> 1) http://docs.openstack.org/draft/install-guide-rdo/keystone-verify.html -
> The keystone-paste.ini file should reside in the /etc/keystone directory.

We had discussions in the past about paste.inis: they shouldn't be
treated as configuration files and it's upstream bug if user is forced
to edit it. User configurable knobs should be all in conf!
In particular for Keystone admin token I've started
https://review.openstack.org/185464 unfortunately it is not merged

Out of date dist.conf options will be updated but if they're defunct,
they'll be ignored, otherwise setting option in /etc/ overrides it.


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