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Ihar Hrachyshka ihrachys at redhat.com
Wed Nov 4 09:21:15 UTC 2015

Matt Kassawara <mkassawara at gmail.com> wrote:

> I agree that *-paste.ini files should remain static. Keystone contains  
> the only one that we need to edit (for security reasons) and the patch to  
> move this configuration out of keystone-paste.ini needs attention from  
> the keystone project. As for the installation guide, I prefer to unify  
> the documentation for editing keystone-paste.ini for all distributions.  
> Furthermore, our audience (mostly new users) likely feels more confident  
> about editing files that reside in a less "intimidating" location such as  
> /etc/$service.
> Best I can tell, neutron (and all other services) separate "mandatory"  
> message queue access (the 'rpc_backend' option) from notification access  
> because the latter only pertains to deployments with a consumer for  
> notifications such as ceilometer. Without a consumer, notification queues  
> pile up and lead to stability problems. Hence, the 'notification_driver'  
> option defaults to a blank value that essentially disables such  
> notifications. The upstream configuration file comments this option out  
> and installation guide doesn't explicitly configure it which means  
> neutron uses the value of 'notification_driver' from the  
> neutron-dist.conf file and sends notifications to a queue without a  
> consumer. While I'm thinking about it, I'm trying to determine the source  
> of a memory leak (or strange increase in consumption) in my RDO Liberty  
> environment (and prior releases) and should try disabling the  
> notification driver. In comparison, my Ubuntu Liberty environment  
> containing the same services and virtual resources has stable memory  
> usage.

Do you use DHCP agent from neutron? I think it requires notification driver  
to be enabled.

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