[Rdo-list] [rdo-manager] where is horizon?

Mohammed Arafa mohammed.arafa at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 02:38:05 UTC 2015

i have .. finally .. installed rdo-manager / undercloud on baremetal on centos

my undercloud.conf is at the bottom of this message.

my question is what happened to horizon? why wasnt it installed with
the rest of the undercloud? (i wont talk about how i had a semi heart
attack when i found mysql disabled in openstack-status: false alert as
it is now called mariadb = re bugzilla)

i worked around this by installing openstack-dashboard and enabling
the ip in /etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings but it did throw me
for a bit.

image_path = ~/images
local_ip =
undercloud_public_vip =
undercloud_admin_vip =
local_interface = eno1
masquerade_network =
dhcp_start =
dhcp_end =
network_cidr =
network_gateway =
discovery_interface = br-ctlplane
discovery_iprange =,
undercloud_admin_token = password
undercloud_admin_password = password



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