[Rdo-list] shade client library

Adam Young ayoung at redhat.com
Mon Nov 9 14:50:14 UTC 2015

On 11/06/2015 05:29 PM, Jeff Weber wrote:
> Are there any plans to package the shade client library as part of 
> RDO? We are heavy users of Ansible and RDO and the Ansible OpenStack 
> modules for the upcoming 2.0 release have been being rewritten to 
> depend on shade. Having a version of shade packaged along with the 
> other RDO packages in the release would be quite useful.

Ansible is already part of Fedora.  Shade should be a Fedora-first 
library.  RDO can then make use of it.

In general, client tools are going to go into Fedora, but not 
necessarily all of the server pieces.  This makes sense from a Desktop 
perspective;  to interact with an RDO deployment, you need the OpenStack 
client on your workstation.  RDO will be responsbility for only handling 
the server pieces;  the amount of effort it has taken to keep OpenStack 
services running on Fedora has been deemed a bridge too far; RDO will 
focus on CentOS based deployments.

RDO will then pull whatever client pieces it requires from Fedora. Shade 
does not necessarily have be part of RDO;  it could be pulled in via 
EPEL, but having Shade in and Ansible Openstack modules in RDO seems 
like a natural fit.

> If this is something where community participation would be helpful 
> I'd be happy to try to help out if someone had details on what would 
> need to be done.
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