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David Simmons dsimmons at krozak.com
Mon Nov 9 14:45:47 UTC 2015


I am installing RDO via RDO-Manager on a set of IBM H-Chassis blades.  I need to configure the networking to perform the IPMI operations and PXE boot the overcloud nodes.  The problem I am trying to solve is to get the chassis AMM to correctly route the IPMI/PXE operations to the blades.  The IBM chassis requires all IPMI networking to use a VLAN that has  been specified as the Chassis Internal Network.  I have installed the undercloud on on blade on CentOS 7 and have been able to interact with the AMM and the blade IMMs on a vlan.   Where I am running into problems is when the undercloud configuration occurs I am no longer able to interact on the specified VLAN and lose access to the Chassis AMM.

On each blade I have 4 network ports.  2 1G and 2 10G network switches.  I have installed CentOS on the undercloud and use 1  1G port as the management.  I have specified a 10G switch as the PXE/Management network.  In the undercloud.conf file the 10G port is the port I have specified as the local interface.

To use the IPMI interface it has to tag all packets with the Chassis Internal Network VLAN.  Are there any configuration tips that I can follow?


David Simmons
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