[Rdo-list] Trying to install the RDO

Hassan, Ashraf ashraf.hassan at t-mobile.nl
Sat Nov 14 22:27:08 UTC 2015

Well first I am very very  very sorry, because I have many questions, but the link is not very clear to me, sorry again for my stupid questions.
    I am trying to compose the file, but I have some questions not clear to me:
    1- I understood that the new installation requires 3 controller node, what I see in the link you sent me earlier, is states that the undercloud node is different node from the controller nodes? Does it mean that I need 3 controller nodes + the undercloud node, or I need 2 controller node + the undercloud node?
    2- I have a node which I will use as a storage HW, but this node can be connected to the PXE/Boot VLAN over a trunk interface, that mean it cannot be PXE booted (I cannot PXE boot over a trunk interface as far as I know), it means I need to install  it separately configure the VLANs on this interface, and then let it join the controller, is that possible?
    3- Finally for the Jason file itself here is a sample section:

            a- I understand that the MAC address for the PXE boot interface for the different nodes in the overcloud is that correct?
            b- In the link it says that pm_addr is " node BMC IP address ", but that is not clear to me, does it mean it is the IP of the "local_ip" in the undercloud.conf, which is always the IP of the eth1 of the undercloud node in the link you sent me earlier, or it is not the case?
             c- In the link it say that pm_user, and pm_password are "node BMC credentials" , are these the credentials I need to configure manually per node, do they need to be the same for all nodes? Or they are already defined in the stackrc file?


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