[Rdo-list] Trying to install the RDO

Hassan, Ashraf ashraf.hassan at t-mobile.nl
Sun Nov 15 14:47:35 UTC 2015

Hi Ignacio,
     That was really helpful summary I will change the mac in my json file to the ILOs' mac, you mentioned one point about you leave the ram and HDD empty where it will be updated by the introspection, now I am planning to move rams from the undercloud BM to other nodes (I presume that should be simple and have no impact on the undercloud), but to I need to repeat the node introspection again after I change the rams? In the link it says:
" It's not recommended to delete nodes and/or rerun this command after you have proceeded to the next steps. Particularly, if you start introspection and then re-register nodes, you won't be able to retry introspection until the previous one times out (1 hour by default). If you are having issues with nodes after registration, please follow "

Or is it easier not to introspect the nodes until I finish upgrade their memories?
Further for HA, do I need to have more than one undercloud as well?

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