[Rdo-list] [apex] OPNFV Project Apex Update

Dan Radez dradez at redhat.com
Fri Nov 20 21:15:04 UTC 2015

OPNFV Apex is a project that is working towards using RDO Project's RDO
Manager installation tool to deploy OpenStack and OpenDaylight according
to the Requirements and Standards that are defined by the OPNFV Project.

In the past couple weeks we have merged a large number of patches
working towards our second release, Bramaputra, due in February.

More work and patching will be come before the Bramaputra release,
though we have come to a point that many people have been waiting for:
an installation document! Currently there is one out standing patch that
is comprised of mostly the installation doc itself:

The install doc will be able to be viewed via OPNFV's gitweb once that
patch merges.
Alternatively you can view in on my github:

Our daily builds are uploaded to artifacts.opnfv.org. Last night's
build, that the installation documentation can be used with, is
available at:

The iso includes CentOS 7 and the rpm. Alternatively, The rpm can be
installed onto a Virtualization Host install of CentOS 7. Just a note,
the baremetal deployment has not been fully tested or documented yet. I
would recommend starting with the Virtualized deployment.

We will be adding information and links to the Apex page on the OPNFV
Wiki page: https://wiki.opnfv.org/apex as we collect and publish more.
The installation instructions link on the wiki page is the same included
above and is currently broken. It will link properly once the above
patch merges which should happen in the next day or two.

I you have questions or need help with an opnfv-apex deployment please
ask on the opnfv-users at list.opnfv.org list. We'll be watching this list
and happy to help you get started if needed.

Dan Radez
Sr Software Engineer
Red Hat Inc.
freenode: radez

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