[Rdo-list] Possible bug? Horizon/Floating IPs

Erich Weiler weiler at soe.ucsc.edu
Tue Nov 24 00:31:43 UTC 2015

Hmmm..  When I delete an instance from the command line via:

nova delete 33190d5c-da79-41f7-bc55-899f8f15cb7c

It deletes the instance, but the floating IP remains stuck to that 
deleted instance even after it's deleted.  I guess it has nothing to do 
with horizon....

I wonder where I misconfigured it...

On 11/23/2015 04:21 PM, Fox, Kevin M wrote:
> There is a config value in horizon to autorelease floating ips. Ive
> never seen nova not autodissassociate on delete. That may be a
> misconfiguration between nova and neutron? I dont think horizon is
> involved in that path. Maybe try from the cli to double check?
> Thanks,
> Kevin *
> *
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> *From:* Erich Weiler
> *Sent:* Monday, November 23, 2015 4:10:45 PM
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> *Subject:* Re: [Rdo-list] Possible bug? Horizon/Floating IPs
> Hi Kevin,
> Thanks for the reply!  I think we may be talking about two different
> things however...  I'm not looking to release the IP back to the public
> pool, I'm just looking to disassociate from a deleted VM when the
> instance is terminated.  After I terminate the instance, it still shows
> as stuck to the deleted instance, which is kind of pointless.
> After I disassociate the floating IP via 'neutron
> floatingip-disassociate', it releases the IP back to my own allocated IP
> list, so I most definitely can re-use that IP for another instance
> easily.  I agree that if I unallocated it with 'neutron
> floatingip-delete', then I may not get it back, but with 'neutron
> floatingip-disassociate' I still own it as a user of a project.
> Just checking if the decision was made to stop dissociating the floating
> IPs upon instance termination after Icehouse, or if it was overlooked in
> Kilo?
> Thanks for the reply!
> cheers,
> erich
> On 11/23/2015 03:59 PM, Fox, Kevin M wrote:
>> Autorelease is kind of dangerous. There is no way to get an ip back, and
>> it may be associated in dns and you may give it back to the pool before
>> unregistering. I always have disabled it on all my clouds to fail safe
>> for the users.
>> Kevin *
>> *
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>> *Subject:* [Rdo-list] Possible bug? Horizon/Floating IPs
>> Just thought I'd throw this out there as a possible bug...  I'm running
>> RHEL 7.1 and OpenStack Kilo RDO.
>> It seems that when I terminate an instance through Horizon that has an
>> associated floating IP, the floating IP is *not* disassociated upon the
>> instance's termination.  I have to manually disassociate the floating ip
>> after I terminate the instance through Horizon via:
>> neutron floatingip-disassociate e28051c5-7fb1-4887-ade9-f1b062523ad7
>> for example.  Then it frees up.  Back when I was playing with the
>> Icehouse release of RDO OpenStack, the floating IPs were released
>> automatically when I terminated an instance through Horizon, so I was
>> surprised when I did not see the same behaviour here.
>> [root at os-con-01 ~]# rpm -q python-django-horizon
>> python-django-horizon-2015.1.0-5.el7.noarch
>> Just a heads up...
>> cheers,
>> erich
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