[Rdo-list] openstack puppet modules package from new repositories

Gabriele Cerami gcerami at redhat.com
Mon Nov 30 22:38:30 UTC 2015


since a couple of months the CI jobs in 
have been syncing repositories in 


from upstream repositories, relaunching acceptance tests (and launching
other tests) on each change that comes from any of the upstream modules
(git and gerrit) inside CentOS/RDO environments.

Not all tests are ready, but we'd like to add an additional final test
at the end of the flow, that launches packstack with a package created
taking each individual repository. We already have a job here

tream-package/ (a bit neglected now)

that tries to do that, but we are missing a working spec file.
We were using a draft spec file that successfully created a valid but
useless package (file paths are all wrong) in the past, just for PoC.


Can someone take a look at this spec, suggest the necessary
modifications, and help in pushing forward the adoption of the multiple
repositories as sources for the official package ?


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