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Re: [Rdo-list] Possible bug? Horizon/Floating IPs

Autorelease is kind of dangerous. There is no way to get an ip back, and it may be associated in dns and you may give it back to the pool before unregistering. I always have disabled it on all my clouds to fail safe for the users.


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Subject: [Rdo-list] Possible bug? Horizon/Floating IPs

Just thought I'd throw this out there as a possible bug...  I'm running
RHEL 7.1 and OpenStack Kilo RDO.

It seems that when I terminate an instance through Horizon that has an
associated floating IP, the floating IP is *not* disassociated upon the
instance's termination.  I have to manually disassociate the floating ip
after I terminate the instance through Horizon via:

neutron floatingip-disassociate e28051c5-7fb1-4887-ade9-f1b062523ad7

for example.  Then it frees up.  Back when I was playing with the
Icehouse release of RDO OpenStack, the floating IPs were released
automatically when I terminated an instance through Horizon, so I was
surprised when I did not see the same behaviour here.

[root os-con-01 ~]# rpm -q python-django-horizon

Just a heads up...


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