[Rdo-list] Liberty package availability

Matt Kassawara mkassawara at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 01:00:53 UTC 2015


The OpenStack documentation team is updating the installation guide for
RHEL/CentOS/Fedora on docs.openstack.org and came across the following

1) The MySQL database library changed from MySQL-python to PyMySQL [1], but
we cannot find PyMySQL packages for RHEL or CentOS 7.

2) The usual place for packages [2] contains nothing for any of these
distributions. The trunk directory [3] provides a redirect to packages
built from master (Mitaka) instead of Liberty. The Liberty Test Day 1 site
[4] mentions Fedora, but the packages are built from master instead of
Liberty. The Liberty Test Day 2 site [5] appears to lack Fedora packages.

We cannot publish the installation guide for any of these distributions
without sufficient packages. Can anyone help?


[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/184392/
[2] https://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/openstack/openstack-liberty/
[4] http://beta.rdoproject.org/testday/rdo-test-day-liberty-01/
[5] http://beta.rdoproject.org/testday/rdo-test-day-liberty-02/
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