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Re: [Rdo-list] Middleman -- v4 migration


On 03/31/2016 04:56 PM, Marc Dequènes (Duck) wrote:

> Still need to figure out the markdown.sass problem. WIP.

As for this, I've got no better explanation than the filename is cursed
for some reason. I tried a lot of things and in the end renaming it
"solved" the issue. Not really happy about this but I wanted to go on to
get a working site so…

I made some more patches but I'm stuck with another disconcerting
problem. When building the blog calendar (source/calendar.html.haml)
there is something like this:
`rescue in render': stack level too deep (filename:
line: 1) (SystemStackError)

So I tried to work around the problem by using the ERB template instead
(which does the same exact things using HTML instead of HAML) as I saw
other HAML problems on the web, but:
stack level too deep (SystemStackError)

So it seems the problem has just moved a few steps away, no more. I
could not find any proper help on the bug trackers. Debugging is uneasy
because most things you'd like to do/print when it happens will most
likely cause another SystemStackError. The filename/line information
already is a patch. A for inflectors they do a lot of Middleman
"Resource" names. In both cases I tried to strip down our pages, and
remove all possibility of looping, but no luck at the moment.

I'm attaching the current patches if anyone is willing to help. Hints
are welcome if you know Middleman and/or Ruby.


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