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Re: [Rdo-list] Middleman -- v4 migration

On 04/07/2016 04:15 AM, Marc Dequènes (Duck) wrote:
> Quack,
> So I got to the point where it builds fine and the result seems ok to me.
> I also fixed the admin live pages. The renaming action works but seems
> to have some kind of reloading problem (which I guess is unrelated to
> this migration). But well, you just need to go back to the main page by
> yourself, and the renaming is done well.
> To use this don't forget to run the provided and updated setup.sh first.
> Also there is a patch for the HAML Ruby library I need to submit, but in
> the meanwhile it is available in the patches/ directory. Please use it
> after the setup.sh run.
> So, I'm awaiting your feedback!

I'm unsure how to test this stuff. Will it Just Work once the upgrade

I'm also curious how much of what y'all are doing goes back upstream?


Rich Bowen - rbowen redhat com
OpenStack Community Liaison

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