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Re: [Rdo-list] Middleman -- v4 migration


On 04/09/2016 01:06 AM, Rich Bowen wrote:

> I'm unsure how to test this stuff. Will it Just Work once the upgrade
> happens?

With the versions of all components fixed into Gemfile.lock and
package.json it must.

But there's a lost of changes into different libs like HAML. Many
improvements or fixes but that's hard to filter out things in the
result. So I looked at the result and tried using each part of the site,
test the search fonction, use the admin pages too, and looked at errors
in my browser console. But that was just preliminary checks, and Garrett
is doing more fine-grained tests.

So if you notice anything broken or ill-rendered, please tell us.

> I'm also curious how much of what y'all are doing goes back upstream?

Well, most of it is our work around a framework, so it is probably only
useful for us. Maybe we could check the helpers and gather generic ones
in a library for the world. The rest would also be public too but
specific to our needs. There is also the HAML patch.


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