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[Rdo-list] recap of MLUG RDO presentation from Apr 7th


Last week the folks of the Morgantown LUG (MLUG) invited me to drive
down to WV from Pittsburgh to meet with them and to discuss OpenStack
and RDO. The presentation was hosted at the Listhub offices in
Morgantown by the MLUG organizers (Kel Cecil and Jeff Pullen).


Haikel and Alan helped me to pull together and update a presentation
that Haikel developed and used in the past that gave a good overview of
RDO (what it is, why it exists, how to get involved).


Since this was a LUG and not an OpenStack UG, I did spend a fair amount
of time talking about OpenStack in general and answered a lot of
questions about its architecture, etc. The audience seemed very engaged
and had a lot of good and insightful questions and they were a great
group to present to.

There was some interest from a few of the community members there of
helping out with RDO, so maybe we'll see some of them pop up on #rdo and
this mailing list and can help them get started in the community here :)



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