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[Rdo-list] inclusion of a new package in openstack-common for CentOS

Hi all,

Since some weeks, ironic introduces a change on iPXE configuration file
that is not compatible with the iPXE from CentOS/RHEL7. This behavior is
not enable by default but if the user enable [pxe]/ipxe_timeout it will
face the problem.

I would like to enable this parameter by default in TripleO and face the
problem with the gate try the patch. The deployment will just fail:

So far, I decided to abandon by patch, but I would like to see iPXE
version refreshed and integrated in the openstack-common repository.

There is a lot of iPXE issues with Ironic/TripleO and these patches
are blocked because of this version issue.

Now my question: What is the correct process to get this change
integrated. Where should I open my request?

    Gonéri Le Bouder

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