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Re: [Rdo-list] Tripleo Liberty Cinder permission denied

ok applying specific uid/gid 165 to the NetApp volume solved the permission error.
Cinder now successfully writes .cinderSecureEnvIndicator to the export.

But I have a new error now and the service is still down...

/var/log/cinder/volume.log:2016-04-29 13:20:24.004 3902 ERROR cinder.volume.manager [req-a4544310-84c6-4602-a944-7efaee5ff90f - - - - -] Failed to initialize driver.
/var/log/cinder/volume.log:2016-04-29 13:20:24.004 3902 ERROR cinder.volume.manager raise NaApiError('Unexpected error') /var/log/cinder/volume.log:2016-04-29 13:20:24.004 3902 ERROR cinder.volume.manager NaApiError: NetApp API failed. Reason - Unexpected error:unknown

Have you seen this one?


On 29/04/2016 12:40, Charles Short wrote:

Thanks for this.

1) Yes unlikely as root can write to it.

2) Already set to permissive.

3) When we set up our previous OSP6 (Juno) environment using the same NetApp storage system, only root had permission to write to the NetApp volume and all worked fine. When our storage team set up this volume, it was also as root (same settings as the last setup). I suspect that Cinder uid usage is now enforced. I will get the storage team to make the changes and see if this helps



On 29/04/2016 11:49, Christopher Brown wrote:
Hi Charles,

I had similar problems with a netapp deployment. Three possibilities to

1. Security on the export shipped by default with a missing netmask on
the export so should be or whatever you want to
restrict to. Though as you can write with sudo probably not the issue.

2. SELinux - I wonder if you try temporarily running setenforce 0 and
re-mounting if it has the same problem?

3. Cinder and Glance exports should be created with their respective
UIDs as owner. I blogged about it here:


Hope some of this is helpful but if not would be glad to hear of


On Fri, 2016-04-29 at 11:30 +0100, Charles Short wrote:

Deployed Tripleo Liberty stable on baremetal, but NetApp NFS Cinder
backend is not working.

It is auto-mounting no problem, and I can write to it with sudo, but
'tripleo_netapp' backend is enabled with state 'down' as it cannot
to the mount point.

   cinder service-list | grep tripleo_netapp
  cinder-volume   | hostgroup tripleo_netapp | nova | enabled | down
[heat-admin overcloud-controller-0 ~]$ mount | grep cinder
[ip addr]:/[mount] on
/var/lib/cinder/mnt/3fb6f6744c383eacbe46593911aa4b0f type nfs4
addr],local_lock=none,addr=[ip addr])

I can write to it -

[heat-admin overcloud-controller-0 ~]$ sudo touch
[heat-admin overcloud-controller-0 ~]$

But Cinder cannot -

/var/log/cinder/volume.log:2016-04-29 09:43:49.870 56696 ERROR
cinder.volume.drivers.remotefs [req-99928048-2446-4967-99ba-
- - - - -] Failed to created Cinder secure environment indicator
[Errno 13] Permission denied:

So this look like an issue with the user that Cinder is using to
to the export (cinder?)?

I have tried setting this option in cinder.conf, but it makes no

nas_secure_file_operations = False

"Allow network-attached storage systems to operate in a secure
environment where root level access is not permitted. If set to
access is as the root user and insecure. If set to True, access is
as root. If set to auto, a check is done to determine if this is a
installation: True is used if so, otherwise False. Default is auto"

Any help appreciated



Charles Short
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Charles Short
Cloud Engineer
Virtualization and Cloud Team
European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI)
Tel: +44 (0)1223 494205

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