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[rdo-list] New 3rd party testing jobs & the state of the RDO promotion jobs (all blocked)

Promotion jobs

As I took responsibility for the RDO image promotion pipelines[1] during trown's absence, let me recap what's up with the Master/Mitaka/Liberty jobs as they are all blocked.

Master: It's now blocked by a bug in Mistral[2] to which we got a promise from the Mistra PTL that it will be fixed today or tomorrow.

Mitaka & Liberty: both are blocked by an error during openstack undercloud install[3], looks like a packaging error. This bug needs attention.

What's new

We implemented 3rd party *testing* jobs, that are using the unpromoted images to run. They can be very useful if you're testing a change that's supposed to fix a promotion error.

They can be invoked by commenting 'rdo-ci-testing' on review.openstack.org changes.

Currently it doesn't trigger on every project, let me know if you need to add one. Also ping me if you're having trouble with them. I'm adarazs on #rdo.

Best regards,

[1] https://ci.centos.org/view/rdo/view/promotion-pipeline/
[2] https://bugs.launchpad.net/mistral/+bug/1610269
[3] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1364789

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