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Re: [rdo-list] New 3rd party testing jobs & the state of the RDO promotion jobs (all blocked)

On 08/08/2016 03:37 PM, Alan Pevec wrote:

Mitaka & Liberty: both are blocked by an error during openstack
undercloud install[3], looks like a packaging error. This bug needs

osc-lib is newton master only change, how did it end up in
mitaka/liberty tripleo?
Please do not add this dep in packaging, check where it comes from.

According to the traceback[1], it comes from gnocchiclient. It's here:


Which, I assume is built from the master branch of the repo. How should it be solved then?


[1] https://ci.centos.org/artifacts/rdo/jenkins-tripleo-quickstart-promote-mitaka-delorean-minimal-657/undercloud/home/stack/undercloud_install.log.gz

[3] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1364789

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