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[rdo-list] RDO bloggers - week of August 8

Here's what RDO enthusiasts have been blogging about this week:

Customizing a Tripleo Quickstart Deploy by Adam Young

Tripleo Heat Templates allow the deployer to customize the controller
deployment by setting values in the controllerExtraConfig section of the
stack configuration. However, Quickstart already makes use of this in
the file /tmp/deploy_env.yaml, so if you want to continue to customize,
you need to work with this file.

… read more at http://tm3.org/88

fedora-review tool for reviewing RDO packages by Chandan Kumar

This tool makes reviews of rpm packages for Fedora easier. It tries to
automate most of the process. Through a bash API the checks can be
extended in any programming language and for any programming language.

… read more at http://tm3.org/89

OpenStack operators, developers, users… It’s YOUR summit, vote! by David

Once again, the OpenStack Summit is nigh and this time it’ll be in
Barcelona. The OpenStack Summit event is an opportunity for Operators,
Developers and Users alike to gather, discuss and learn about OpenStack.
What we know is that there’s going to be keynotes, design sessions for
developers to hack on things and operator sessions for discussing and
exchanging around the challenges of operating OpenStack. We also know
there’s going to be a bunch of presentations on a wide range of topics
from the OpenStack community.

… read more at http://tm3.org/8a

TripleO Composable Services 101 by Steve Hardy

Over the newton cycle, we've been working very hard on a major refactor
of our heat templates and puppet manifiests, such that a much more
granular and flexible "Composable Services" pattern is followed
throughout our implementation.

… read more at http://tm3.org/8b

TripleO deep dive session #5 (Undercloud - Under the hood) by Carlos Camacho

This is the fifth video from a series of “Deep Dive” sessions related to
TripleO deployments.

… watch at http://tm3.org/8c

Rich Bowen - rbowen redhat com
RDO Community Liaison

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