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[rdo-list] Tracking package updates between RDO and RHOS

Hi folks,

I'm trying to get a full picture of how shared services like rabbitmq or galera
are packaged in RDO and how/when they are updated. 

>From what I understand - please correct me if I'm wrong - this is how it works:

   * such packages are usually tagged with cloud7-openstack-common-release [1]
   * they are generally built with dist git from Fedora or EPEL,
     unless specific override is needed [2]
   * the version of those packages is the same on RDO liberty and RDO mitaka.
   * they are manually updated to keep close to what is in latest RHOS.

Now assuming the above is correct, I wonder how to best deal with package
updates so that RDO community and RHOS maintainers can coordinate efficiently?

Specifically, I can think of a few update scenarios:

1. minor package updates (e.g. new minor upstream release, CVE,...)

How to best notify RDO in case RHOS perform such updates? Push
new specfile review in RDO gerrit?

2. major package upgrade (e.g. mariadb 5.5 -> 10.1)

I suppose major version upgrade should only take place on new RDO version
because it makes it simpler to test. But how should we isolate major
version upgrade to impact several RDO release?
  * Should we always move package from common-release to
    {mitaka|newton|...}-release tag when we plan to upgrade it to a
    new major version, like it was done for mariadb?
  * Should we discuss those details via a specfile review in RDO gerrit?

3. package update in RDO needs to reach RHOS

I expect this to be very rare, but in case RDO needs to upgrade a
package version for packaging reasons (e.g. mariadb), how to best
notify RHOS maintainer to plan upgrade scenarios or other tests
ahead of time?

Thanks in advance for your feedback :)

[1] http://cbs.centos.org/koji/packages?tagID=63
[2] https://github.com/rdo-common/


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