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[rdo-list] Proposition to get more CI promotions


Our CI promotion system is as if we were running downhill: we cannot
stop and the only way to fix issues is to move forward by getting new
fixed packages. And it usually takes days before we can get the fixes
and by the time we get them we can have other issues appearing and so
never being able to have a promotion.

I would like to propose an improved way of working to get more CI
promotions. When we have failures in our tests, we do like we do
today: debug the issues and find the commits that are causing the
regression and working with upstream or fixing packaging issues to
solve the regression.

The proposed improvement to get more CI promotions is, while we wait
for the fixes to be ready, to get the oldest commit that is currently
causing an issue from the current analysis and to try the previous
commits in reverse order to promote before the issues appear. With the
database of DLRN we have all the information to be able to implement
this backward tries and have more chances to promote.

I'm in holidays next week but I wanted to bring this idea before been
completely off. WDYT?
Fred - May the Source be with you

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