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Re: [rdo-list] python-heat-agent subpackage from openstack-heat-templates

On 23/08/16 13:29, Dan Prince wrote:
On Tue, 2016-08-23 at 11:17 +1200, Steve Baker wrote:
Hi All

I would like to get some feedback on this packaging change:

This change creates a new subpackage python-heat-agent out of

Currently image building or boot configuration has to do a number of
non-obvious steps to end up with a server ready to perform heat-
software deployments.

The package python-heat-agent installs all dependencies and files
required to do this, resulting in a boot config on a pristine image
being as simple as:

         yum -y install https://www.rdoproject.org/repos/rdo-release.r
         yum -y install python-heat-agent
         systemctl enable os-collect-config
         systemctl start --no-block os-collect-config

python-heat-agent installs one hook which allows configuration via
heat templates. The aim is to create another subpackage per
configuration tool hook in heat-templates. So python-heat-agent-
will install the puppet hook and depend on python-heat-agent and
puppet packages.
+1. Moving away from elements for this would be very nice.

FWIW, what you've done here would dovetail into the all-in-one Heat
undercloud installer effort too in that we could pretty much eliminate
the use of instack to bootstrap os-collect-config altogether and just
use these subpackages directly. Faster, better, leaner I think.
The above review is a series now, there is now a

python-heat-agent-puppet and python-heat-agent-ansible.

This depends on some upstream heat-templates changes:

As far as TripleO goes, this packaging approach has the potential to
eliminate the need for diskimage-builder invoking heat-templates
elements, and further reducing the use of tripleo-image-elements -
I'd like to have a discussion on openstack-dev around whether there
should be a push to remove tripleo-image-elements entirely.
+1 to all of this. We've still got some refactoring to do to fully
eliminate more of the os-*-config dependencies (os-apply-config, and
os-net-config) but I think we are closing in on it.

I'll post something to openstack-dev once I have something concrete to recommend.

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