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Re: [rdo-list] Python-shade in RDO

> Fracturing the repo setup only reduces usability, causes confusion, and
> for those projects that choose an independent release model, it makes
> them feel like second class citizens and less likely to want to care or
> be part of the RDO community.

We already have multiple pre-release stable repos, I don't see why
adding extras would create more confusion. Ideally, OpenStack upstream
would not need per-release repos but without backward compatibility
taken seriously in clients and libs that's not doable technically.

> As I've already mentioned, we already ship a release:independant project
> in the normal repo, and I fail to see from a technical level why others

It's case-by-case and Rally is a bad example, it will need to move to
release independent repo, same as Tempest. There's a good counter
example of release:independent Gnocchi where they don't have
stable/OPENSTACK-RELEASE branches but they do maintain
stable/MAJOR.MINOR and ensure there's matching branch for OpenStack
release[1] It's up to both, upstream project and package maintainer to
ensure that, otherwise it won't work.

> can't do the same. Simply ship their latest stable release in the
> current stable repo.

But that's exactly a thing: if such projects don't have stable
releases matching particular OpenStack release we'd ship their random
release from master, without guarantees it actually works. Also
upstream doesn't have a way to deliver security updates, so we'd be on
our own to backport patches.

> Remember the goal here is to grow the community and have as many
> projects participating in RDO as possible. Encouraging the smaller
> projects to do so is a great way to help that.

Let's first make a PoC and make sure user experience is great, there
are new ideas coming from Fedora how to modularize a distribution.


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