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> Subject: [Rdo-list] Working with RDO Manager
> I have a couple of scenarios that I’m working on to configure/deploy RDO
> Manager, and would like to get your input as of what is the preferred way to
> achieve these issues:
> * Issue #1: Inject baremetal driver
> I need a RAID driver to be installed before the OS on certain pieces of
> hardware. My assumption here is that I need to build the overcloud images as
> described here:
> https://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/openstack-m/rdo-manager-docs/liberty/basic_deployment/basic_deployment_cli.html#get-images
> and once the images are created, decompress, include the new driver and
> compress it again.
> I believe the idea was to use http://libguestfs.org to do the file injection
> into the image.

Yes, you can use virt-customize provided by libguestfs-tools:
virt-customize -a image.qcow2 --run-command 'yum install -y something'

> * Issue #2: Configure Ceph Disks to use additional partitions
> Is there an easy way to tell the image to install the OS in one partition and
> to install the ceph nodes into each additional HDD? Im kinda lost here. Any
> help is welcomed.

There are some instructions for this on the downstream Director documentation. See section 6.3.5 in

> * Issue #3: Encrypt Network communications
> The idea is to encrypt all traffic on the endpoints of the nodes. This is a
> configuration that needs to be performed in all nodes, so I understand that
> the best way to accomplish this is to follow the documentation here, right?
> https://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/openstack-m/rdo-manager-docs/liberty/advanced_deployment/extra_config.html#making-configuration-changes

It's not clear to me what kind of encryption you would like to achieve here, something like SSL connectivity for the Openstack endpoints?  

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