[Rdo-list] OPM downstream patches

Gabriele Cerami gcerami at redhat.com
Thu Jan 14 23:26:01 UTC 2016

On Thu, 2016-01-14 at 16:00 -0500, Jason Guiditta wrote:

> I could be wrong, but I think this is consistent with what opm _used_
> to do, which itself was _inconsistent_ with the rest of rdo (not sure
> how, or if this relates to pure upstream).  So, for liberty, for
> example, we have upstream-liberty, which is _exactly_ what was in
> stable/liberty for the various openstack puppet modules at the time
> of
> the last (yes, manual) sync.  Then we (opm) have stable/liberty,
> which
> has everything from upstream-liberty, with whatever patches have been
> added on top of  it.  If I am correct that is needed for rdo, but
> inconsistent with what you have described, how hard would it be to
> alter the rdo-puppet-modules stuff to work with the new reality?

OPM has never used rdopkg for its update, if it's what you mean with
"this is needed for rdo": the patches are applied directly to the
midstream repo, and not saved in patch files to be applied to the
package. I don't know why OPM had this "privilege" and if we're going
to change it in the future, but this manual process of merging upstream
-liberty with the patches it's what has been automated in OPMCI.

For example the module puppet-nova in rdo-puppet-modules, contains
three branches for every upstream branch:
- stable/liberty (tracks upstream/stable/liberty)
- stable/liberty-patches
- stable/liberty-tag (created with git merge liberty liberty-patches)

what you call stable/liberty in rdo-puppet-modules/puppet-nova is
called liberty-tag. It contains upstream liberty branch to the latest
revision merged with all the patches present in liberty-patches (and if
a patch added to liberty-patches is finally merged upstream, it is
automatically removed from liberty-patches).

The scripts that handle OPMCI have been modified recently (in the hope
that they could be used to handle other repositories as well), to
handle repositories much closely to what rdopkg requires, so it may
possible to alter to a new reality (if I understood what it means)

(At the moment OPM CI is configured to follow only master branches from
upstream so you will not really find a liberty branch, but the concept
is the same for any upstream branch)

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