[Rdo-list] What should be RDO Definition of Done?

John Trowbridge trown at redhat.com
Tue Jan 19 11:49:10 UTC 2016

On 01/12/2016 05:09 AM, Haïkel wrote:
> Hello,
> In an effort to improve RDO release process, we came accross the idea
> of having a defined definition of done.
> What are the criteria to decide if a release of RDO is DONE?
> * RDO installs w/ packstack
> * RDO installs w/ RDO Manager
For RDO Manager, I would propose the following detailed criteria:

* Deploys with 3 controllers in HA with at least 1 ceph node and 1
compute node
* The above setup passes 100% of tempest smoke tagged tests (w/
exception below)
* A skipfile is allowed for tempest, but every entry in the skipfile
must be associated with a Bugzilla. In order to be allowed under DoD,
the associated Bugzilla must be deemed a non-blocker.
* There must be documentation on rdoproject.org that can be followed
without workaround to get to this setup outside of CI.

> * Documentation is up to date
> etc ....
> I added the topic to the RDO meeting agenda, but I'd like to enlarge
> the discussion outside the pool of people coming
> to the meetings and even technical contributors.
> Regards,
> H.
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