[Rdo-list] [rdo-manager] introspection failures

Mohammed Arafa mohammed.arafa at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 11:59:51 UTC 2016


about 2 months back i set up my undercloud on a VM and my overcloud on 2
physical nodes.

recently i needed to replicate that feat of installation. so i set up a
brand new undercloud on another vm (RDO2)

now here is my problem.
rdo2 will go thru the entire process without complaining and then fail with
setting up the compute node.so in the end i have the undercloud vm (RDO2)
and my controller node

so i went back to my 1st vm (RDO1) and did a heat stack-delete overcloud
and then was able to deploy the 2 node overcloud.

so i went back in the process and did a "ironic node-delete" on each of the
nodes and attempted a bulk introspection on the 2. the 1st node passed
quickly but the 2nd node, the same one that was giving problems on rdo2
failed with "locked by rdo1" http 409 then it sets the node to available.
here's a funny aside, overcloud can still deploy.

i need help troubleshooting the issue; i attempted to look in
/var/log/ironic/* logs and not exactly sure what i am looking for plus
there was quite a lot of debug messages and it is quite difficult to watch
a log for 30 minutes while the introspection on the 2nd node goes on.

help would be great

thank you




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