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[rdo-list] RDO AiO on Fedora 24

Hi rdo-list,

I was wondering what is the best way to get an all-in-one install of RDO Mitaka stood up on Fedora 24. I am looking to setup RDO on my workstation as an automation interface instead of plain libvirt so it will stay there for a while.

Hence I pursued the following routes:

  1. packstack - currently broken as it seems on Fedora because there is no CI/CD testing (only exists for RHEL/CentOS) - the answer file is interpreted differently (CONFIG_AMQP_ENABLE_SSL=y needed for proper self-signed certificates, errors because of puppet4 incompatibilities etc etc)

  2. openstack-ansible - quite elaborate and no true AiO install - it always seems to come with the 3-way galera cluster which is not easily surviving a system reboot event

  3. openstack-kolla - looks promising but apparently not supported currently on anything newer than F22 because of supermin defficients for compressed kernel modules in the CentOS Containers

Any thoughts?


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