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Re: [rdo-list] RDO AiO on Fedora 24

2016-07-04 10:04 GMT+02:00 Daniel Messer <dmesser redhat com>:
> Hi rdo-list,
> I was wondering what is the best way to get an all-in-one install of RDO
> Mitaka stood up on Fedora 24. I am looking to setup RDO on my workstation as
> an automation interface instead of plain libvirt so it will stay there for a
> while.
> Hence I pursued the following routes:
> packstack - currently broken as it seems on Fedora because there is no CI/CD
> testing (only exists for RHEL/CentOS) - the answer file is interpreted
> differently (CONFIG_AMQP_ENABLE_SSL=y needed for proper self-signed
> certificates, errors because of puppet4 incompatibilities etc etc)
> openstack-ansible - quite elaborate and no true AiO install - it always
> seems to come with the 3-way galera cluster which is not easily surviving a
> system reboot event
> openstack-kolla - looks promising but apparently not supported currently on
> anything newer than F22 because of supermin defficients for compressed
> kernel modules in the CentOS Containers
> Any thoughts?
> Regards,
> Daniel

Maintaining RDO on Fedora has proven to be really hard for multiple reasons:
* new dependencies: some reviews gets stalled for long time.
* curating dependencies with compatible versions was difficult and
almost impossible.
* desynchronized cycle, sometimes, new Fedora has to be released with
an OpenStack release entering phase 2 of support, which means that we
have to update EOLed versions for Fedora without being able to update
This is a very bad idea to try deploying a stable release of OpenStack
on a stable Fedora, as you'll likely need to pin some packages, and
will need to rebuild newer ones.

So Fedora support is now limited to clients with the nice benefit that
you always get latest versions of clients.
Moreover, it makes more sense to focus our effort to have a rock-solid
distribution on EL7.


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