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Re: [rdo-list] Scheduled maintenance of review.rdoproject.org: 2016-07-06 13:30 UTC

Hello folks,

the upgrade is now COMPLETED!

It took longer than expected because when we snapshot the instance,
some dirty page were not completely written to the Ceph backend,
resulting in some zero size files. Hopefully we were able to continue
the upgrade with a fresh software factory image and the process went fine.

What does software-factory version 2.2.2 brings to review.rdoproject.org
(beside the usual batch of known bug fixes):

* Gerritbot and gerrit replication is now managed by the config repo
* Github user email are now properly retrieved
* Smtp Greylisting 2 hours delay should be fixed
* Better gitweb theme, e.g.:


Last but not least:
* Upgrade jenkins to version 1.651.2 to mitigate Jenkins Security
  Advisory 2016-05-11.

Software Factory Team, on behalf of rdo-infra

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